AirGuest Regulation


The following are the conditions (hereinafter "Conditions") which govern the provision of the Services and the use of the AirHomeRestaurant Site.

The user expresses his willingness to accept the Conditions and undertakes to respect them with any of the following behaviors:

(a) approving the Conditions by registering in the Air Home Restaurant Website as a user; and / or

(b) using the services provided by Air Home Restaurant for users; and / or

(c) using the Site in any other way.

The user undertakes not to use the Services and the Site if he has not accepted the Conditions and to carefully read the Conditions before using the Site and / or the services contained therein.

1. Binding power of this document and the framework contract

Global Advice srl is a limited liability company under Italian law with a share capital of 20,000 euros, (hereinafter referred to as "AirHomeRestauant", "the site", "the portal", "the platform "Or" we "). AirHomeRestaurant provides an online automated search and booking platform that enables users (hereinafter "users", "users", "airguest", guests ") to search for the airhost that wishes to offer culinary experiences that best suit their needs search in terms of geolocation, menu offered, price, and rating. This research service dedicated to users, and all the related services, can be accessed on and on applications for mobile devices, tablets and other smart devices and application program interfaces.

By using the Site, Application or Services, you agree to comply with and be legally bound by the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service ("Terms"), whether or not you become a registered user of the Services. These Conditions govern the access and use of the Site, the application and services and constitute a binding legal agreement between the user and the site.

If you do not accept these Terms, you have no right to obtain information from the site nor do you have the right to use it. Failure to accept these terms, or improper use of the site, application or services in accordance with these Terms may result in civil and criminal penalties.

Using the Airhomerestaurant platform:

- You agree to be bound by the rules set out in this document which form a contract between you and AirHomeRestaurant;

- You agree to be bound by the Stripe e-money terms and conditions, indicated in the appendix (hereinafter "Stripe"), which form a contract between you and Stripe (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions") of Stripe ";

- You are expressly renewing your acceptance to be bound by the general terms and conditions of use which together with this document form a contractual set with which you are bound when using the AirHomeRestaurant site as a "user" (airguest). In the event of any contradictions between a clause in the general conditions and a clause in this regulation, the content of this regulation will prevail. If you do not agree to be bound by the provisions set forth in this document, you may not use the AirHomeRestaurant website as a guest.

2. Possession of a user account

To become a guest, you must first create a "User Account" (as defined in the general terms and conditions of use) and complete it by providing, at a minimum, the following mandatory information: Your last name - Your name - Your email address. It is the user's right to register with third-party accounts (facebook, instagram, google). Creating a User Account automatically includes creating an "Account" with Stripe, as set out in the Stripe Terms and Conditions. We advise you to read the general terms and conditions of use and the Stripe Terms and Conditions for further information on this subject. You agree to provide a profile picture that represents you with the exclusion of any other person and / or job. By uploading your profile photo, or any other photo, you guarantee to AirHomeRestaurant not to violate any intellectual property right belonging to a third party and that you expressly authorize AirHomeRestaurant to use your image and that you grant it a user license according to the conditions established in the general conditions of contract. You agree to provide complete, accurate and truthful information and to keep it permanently updated.

3. Acceptance of invitations / events

Invitations to events, including gastronomic experiences in the sections of "home restaurant", "events", "food tours" and cooking class, and the chefs' proposals in the "home chef" section that are published on Airhomerestaurant, are defined and offered by "airhosts" or "aricas". Before accepting an invitation, event or service, you must read this document in detail and contact the airhost or airChef if you have any questions. Do not accept any invitation or service if you have any doubts or questions regarding the proposed service. We advise you to read the General Terms to find out in detail how our commission is calculated, the payment methods used and all that is required by the airhost.

4. Your obligations as "AirGuest" Guest

4.1. Principles of openness, respect, tolerance and non-discrimination

You agree to respect the airhost and other guests, as well as their respective cultures, and to treat them in a non-discriminatory manner. You agree to abide by the rules of conduct given by the airhost, the lifestyles, cultural and religious aspects of your airHost, when requested. This list is not exhaustive, but in no case do these rules violate your sensitivity or integrity.

4.2. Your obligation to respect the hospitality offered to you

The most important quality in an airGuest is the respect of the hospitality offered by its airHost. You agree not to enter any part of the premises other than that shown and made available by your air host, and in particular, in the case of a home restaurant, not to enter any room without a previous invitation from your air host. You agree not to interfere with the ownership of your airhost, in particular its personal items, and not to move any item without prior invitation from your air host. You declare to accept and respect the presence of other people on the premises, such as, without this list being exhaustive, family members and / or friends or roommates of your airHost. You declare to accept and respect the presence of any animals, if reported. State and warrant that you are not allergic to these animals. You agree not to damage the premises to which your Host invited you, nor the building, the furniture in or around the premises.

4.3. Your acceptance of the event you have booked

You agree to give notice to your air host, when you accept an Invitation, in an exhaustive and truthful way, of any ingredient, food or drink to which you may be allergic and / or intolerant and / or that you could refuse to eat or drink for any reason (reasons that you are not obliged to justify). The user has the right not to accept an invitation to receive without obtaining preliminary confirmation from the airhost that his food is free from these ingredients and / or foods and / or drinks. In the event that you should accept an invitation without having obtained confirmation from your airHost, or in the awareness of the presence in the composition of the meals offered of one or more of these foods and / or drinks, then the amount requested by the airHost and our commission, taxes included, are refundable. It is not possible to request the replacement of one dish with another and to eat and drink the food and drinks offered at your own risk. In this case, the user guarantees that AirHomeRestaurant cannot be held responsible in such circumstances.

4.4. Your obligation to leave your airHost once the invitation and gastronomic experience is over

The invitation and the culinary experience must last no more than four hours. We automatically and without discrimination reject any event of an estimated duration of more than four hours. You agree to leave the premises at the request of your Host and in all cases upon expiry of the maximum duration indicated as declared by the Host on the platform. Under no circumstances will AirHomeRestaurant be held liable if this obligation is not respected. You agree to take personal responsibility in the event of a claim by a third party or its air host in the event that you fail to comply with this obligation. Furthermore, the user declares to be harmless of AirHomeRestaurant from any liability and against any claim by third parties or your air host in this regard.

4.5. Respect for neighbors and other members of the host family

You agree to respect the neighbors of the host airhost and not to behave in such a way as to cause nuisances, especially noise, from neighbors during a dinner / invitation / event. Under no circumstances will AirHomeRestaurant be held responsible in the event that the user does not comply with this obligation. You agree to take personal responsibility in the event of a claim by a third party if you fail to comply with this obligation. Furthermore, you guarantee against any third party claims in this regard.

4.6. Respect for the contract you join

The definition and publication on AirHomeRestaurant of an invitation or event, constitutes a pre-contractual offer. If you are interested in an offer submitted by an airhost, you can ask the airhost if you accept yourself as a guest. In the event that you and your guests are accepted as guests, the pre-contractual offer will become a contractual offer. In case of acceptance of their contractual offer before the date of the event / invitation offered (the "Term"), a contract will be signed between the user and the airhost. In the absence of acceptance of their contractual offer before the deadline, the contract will automatically become void. In any case, the offer of your airHost will be closed when the number of Guests that have confirmed, according to the "maximum declared guests", is reached. The airguest-airhost contract is entered into between the airhost and yourself, with the exception of AirHomeRestaurant. The terms and conditions of the airguest-airhost Agreement are represented by the terms and conditions defined in the invitation / event acceptance. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions of this airguest-airhost contract. In the event that you do not participate in the dinner / event / invitation booked at the agreed time and date, the total amount payable or already paid by the airguest, as well as our commission, including taxes, are non-refundable and must be paid to your airHost and AirHomeRestaurant. In the event of any dispute between you and your airHost due to the failure of one of the two to honor their contractual obligations, AirHomeRestaurant will in no way be held responsible. In the unlikely event that the AirHomeRestaurant's liability is questioned by the Host, or by one or more of the other Guests, or by a third party due to failure to comply with the airguest-airhost Agreement, the user agrees to reimburse AirHomeRestaurant for any damage that may be suffered as a result (damage to the company image, economic damage, etc.).

4.7. Respect for the applied regulations

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the tax, administrative or other regulations that may apply. You agree, if applicable, to comply with the rules governing the premises in which an invitation is received.

5. Disclaimer of Liability - Insurance

Under no circumstances may AirHomeRestaurant, as a hosting platform, be held liable for damages caused or suffered by the user, and especially in cases where:

- the user does not comply with all or part of the obligations mentioned above.

- the user, participating in a dinner / event / invitation booked through the platform, suffers theft, damage to persons or property, accidents, poisoning, contagion, food poisoning and everything that may happen to him during his stay at the event, or in the moments before and after the event in any way connected to it.

- the user, participating in a dinner / event / invitation booked through the platform, carries out thefts, causes damage to people or things, poisoning, contagion, food poisoning and anything that may cause a third party during his stay at the event, or in the moments before and after the event in any way connected to it.

The user declares to accept any claim by the airhost or other guests, under his own personal responsibility in the event that he does not respect his obligations and guarantees us the indemnity of responsibility against any appeal by the airhost and / or of other Guests in this regard. AirHomeRestaurant will in no way be liable for any damage to people, animals or things deriving from the participation of a user in an event / dinner / invitation, caused by the latter, induced or generated.

6. Risks associated with being airGuest

You acknowledge and accept that the fact of being a Guest carries certain risks and, in particular, without this list being exhaustive, the risk that your airHost and / or one of the other Guests may lose, break or damage your property; the risk that your airhost and / or one of the other guests may get sick and get infected; the risk that your Host and / or one of the other Guests may disclose and / or use the personal information communicated to them by you, for purposes other than those of the AirHomeRestaurant. AirHomeRestaurant will in no case be held responsible for such damages. You have the absolute prohibition of going to an airhost's house if you are suffering from infectious infectious diseases that could infect airhost and / or other guests. In the event that this prohibition is violated the amount requested by your airhost and our commission, including taxes, will not be reimbursed, and remains the claim of any physical, moral, or economic damages caused by you and / or arising.

7. Photographs published by airHost

You acknowledge that the photographs published by the airHost may not represent the gastronomic experience that will be offered to you during the dinner / event / invitation.

8. Modification of the AirGuest regulation

This regulation that the user declares to accept at any point can be unilaterally modified only and exclusively at the discretion of AirHomeRestaurant, at any time, without notice. Any changes made to this regulation will come into effect when it is published on the AirHomeRestaurant website and the user will immediately be notified by e-mail to the address he has provided during registration. By continuing to use the Website as airGuest, you agree to be bound by the amended regulation. If you do not accept the changes that have been made, you can no longer use AirHomeRestaurant as airGuest and you are obliged not to accept Invitations. We advise you to print a copy of each version of the regulation. To ensure that you are fully informed, the date of each change is indicated in the title of the document.

9. Eligibility

You represent and warrant that you are over the age of 18 and / or that you have the legal capacity to understand and want, as well as to enter into a contract. Use of the AirHomeRestaurant Site as airGuest is considered null and void if it is done in violation of this regulation. By using the AirHomeRestaurant website as a guest, the user declares and guarantees that the use of the AirHomeRestaurant website and the acceptance of invitations / dinners / events do not violate any law or regulation in force.

10. Exclusion -

Inhibition of access to the AirHomeRestaurant website

Without prejudice to its right to make a claim against the user and / or request compensation for damage caused, AirHomeRestaurant reserves the right to withdraw your access to the AirHomeRestaurant Site, unilaterally and without notice, in the event of failure to comply with this regulation .

11. Applicable law

This host regulation is subject to the provisions of Italian law. For anything not specifically specified, see the civil code and national and regional laws on the matter.

12. Jurisdiction territorially competent

The rules set forth in this regulation are regulated and interpreted in accordance with Italian law and AirHomeRestaurant and each user agrees to submit any dispute, including disputes relating to any non-contractual obligations, which may arise from, under or in connection with this agreement to the jurisdiction exclusive court of Naples, as the competent court.

13. Amicable resolution of disputes

Before taking legal action in the event of a dispute, it will be possible to attempt conciliation through civil mediation with the mediation body Medì of Naples, Italy, if the dispute has not already been settled amicably.

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