Promo "Airhomerestaurant gives you 50 euros"

"Airhomerestaurant gives you 50 euros"

The promotion is granted to each new entry as "Airguest" and allows each user to take advantage of a cumulative discount of € 50.00, divided into n. 10 virtual discount vouchers of € 5.00. Each voucher can be used only once at each participating AirHost. The € 5 vouchers cannot be combined by more than one user on the same dinner. The system will automatically recognize, at the time of booking, if the user has the discount voucher available for the selected dinner, and will invite him to use the discount by clicking on the "apply discount" button.
If the button does not activate or the discount is not applied, it is because the user has previously received a discount at the same host, or because for that dinner the seats available with the discounted rate have ended, or because on the same dinner booked the discount of another user has been applied.