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Continually meet new people with whom to share your passion for good food, hospitality and multiculturalism. Becoming AirHost allows you to travel around the world, simply by opening the doors of your home!

The advantages of being an AirHost

Earn money while doing what you love

By becoming an AirHost you will have the opportunity to field your greatest passions: from the kitchen to the social dimension, without neglecting the care of your guests. But that's not all, the beauty is that you will earn to do what you love to do!

Meet people from all over the world

Imagine your home filling up with colors, scents and languages different from yours at each event. By becoming an AirHost you will start a new journey: the one through people and cultures different from yours!

Share your passion

Now that you are an experienced AirHost and your guests have spent a wonderful evening at the table thanks to your attentions, you just have to share on our social networks the most beautiful and exciting moments of your experience with AirHomeRestaurant.

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Becoming an AirHost you have only magnificent advantages: you know people, languages and cultures from all over the world comfortably at home, live magical evenings with great food, share your experience on social networks and even make money doing all this!

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